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Family Ministries

The Portsmouth Seventh-day Adventist Church is a real family.  It's made up of families and we are ALL His children.  We care about one another and we are there to help, love, and support one another through anything coming our way.  We know that with our faith in the Father, our sincere love and care for one another, there is absolutely nothing we cannot overcome.

One of the main struggles all parents deal with is in the raising of morally conscious children.  Raising their children in ways that will help them reach their child's heart, and with a God-centered purpose.  To help parents with this all important goal, we provide the series of parenting classes titled, "Growing Kids God's Way" with Gary and Anne Marie Ezzo.  This series includes:


Preparation for Parenting - Along the Infant Way
The Babyhood Transitions - Along the Pre-Toddler Way
Preparation for the Toddler Years - Along the Toddler Way
Growing Kids God's Way - Along the Virtuous Way                                                    
Parenting the Middle Years - Along the Middle Years Way
Reaching the Hear of Your Teen - Along the Adolescent Way
Reflections of Moral Innocense - Along the Innocent Way


Each of the series is scheduled based upon the amount of people who have requested it.  If you would be interested in one or more of the series, please contact Dr. David and Mrs. Jeni Kessler at:

Home 740-947-9215
Cell 740-708-1412